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24. July 2017 - literature

Recent netWORKS-publications

The netWORKS research association recently published two articles regarding the governance of novel water infrastructures.
30. June 2017 - media information

Future-oriented water infrastructures: recommendations for transformation

The future orientation of water infrastructure systems in Germany is on trial: in expanding metropolitan regions the systems are already approaching the limits of their capacity and in shrinking rural areas are often underutilized.
22. July 2014 - netWORKS 3

Pioneering building project in Frankfurt am Main is using wastewater as a resource

A ground breaking event took place in Frankfurt, 16th of July.
5. December 2013 - netWORKS 3

International activities of the netWORKS project

Presentation of Jens Libbe, Difu, at the German-French conference "sustainable water management", 14.-15.11.2013, Nancy, France.
11. October 2013 - media information

Press release

Concerning the future of municipal water management: new integrated solutions by netWORKS 3