In the "monographs"-section you find the netWORKS 1 and 2 research results in an aggregated way.

The results of the netWORKS-project are published permanently in the "netWORKS-Papers" series. All netWORKS-Papers can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF-file.

You are welcome to download a general survey of all netWORKS publications and presentations (2002 – 2013).
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A short note to the reader: some of the netWORKS publications are quite challenging in terms of the knowledge needed about German local self-government and local government administration. For a brief introduction to the constitution of German local self-government, we recommend the following article:

Wollmann, Hellmut (2002): Is germany´s traditional type of local self-government being phased out? in: German Journal of Urban Studies, Vol. 41, no.1 (download: